Friday, June 03, 2011


Over my 32 years I have become a "collector" of sorts. I collect nothing too terribly valuable because who can afford that... Some of my collections started strong and then stopped for one reason or another. Some collections are supported by my friends and family with minimal effort on my part. For those of you that have contributed to my collections - Thank You, ever piece reminds me of you..

I have a nice collection of keychains representing the travels of my students, friends, family, and colleagues. Only a handful of my keychains were purchased by me.
Honorable mentions from this collections:
Anna Moon Glass  Ghana
Ryan Schelb           Bamako, Mali
Kathy Tancig          Taj Mahal, India
Lisa House             Holland, Italy, Austria, Purdue
Dusty Bass             London
Casey Alford          Paris
John Lai                 Paris
Lane Andrews       Paris
Melissa Short         Egypt
Kristen Kovalsky   Egypt
Chris Vitelli            The Georgia Egg Commission
Charlotte Emerson  The Pilsbury Doughboy
Lisa Hightower       Ireland
Shubin Saha           Spain

I participated in a Tea Cup Swap via SwapBot that inspired this short lived collection. I swapped teacups with someone from Argentina and Hawaii and have also collected special teacups from family members who have passed away.
Honorable Mention
Janet Stull  (mom)           Dorothy's (my grandma's) teacup

Recipe Books
I have more cookbooks than one family needs and a vast majority of them I have never cooked a dish from.

Wizard Of Oz
I have a small collection of Wizard of Oz Memorabilia that was purchased by my family mostly. It includes Barbie collectibles, christmas ornaments, books, and other dolls. I even have Dorothy christmas lights.

Byers Choice Halloween Carolers
Each piece in this collection has been a gift from my MIL who is also a caroler enthusiast. This is a small but fun collection and now includes Mark Twain

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