Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Nature Table Part 1

Tonight we started on the Nature Table project. It was interesting....

I took Tajaroo on a little expedition in the flower bed to "explore". He was interested in the flowers and I assisted him in picking a two zinnias from my bed. He watched as a I pulled weeds and he attempted to imitate by pulling up grass. The big problem is..... he will not move in the grass. It is as if he has stepped into concrete. He just won't do it. I have to practically force him to even enter the lawn. He has no issues coasting on sidewalks, tromping around in the dirt, and hitting a fevered pace in the driveway but my boy is no fan of grass .. for now. We noticed an abandoned bird's nest which my husband made me promise not to touch... ITS DIRTY - he screamed from the lawnmower. So for now - our nature table consists of :

1. A small birdhouse (a potential hiding place for the gnomes).
2. Two cut zinnias.
3. My Aunt Juanita's box - adorn with a beautiful rose on top. - it keeps things safe.
4. A bird / gnome gazebo.
5. Two tiny chalkboards - adorn with flora and the sun.
6. A scrap of cotton fabric with lots of posies.
7. Two peg people -soon to be gnomes.


on Mothering...

The past 17 months of my life have been overwhelming. Filled with joy and tears the same. Everyday that I take my 8 minute commute to my office, I think about what my child is doing at daycare and who is taking in all of his cries and his wonderful laughs. I wonder who is getting the best of him and the worst of him. I love my daycare but everyday the guilt associated with leaving my little guy with someone else gets bigger and bigger.

Recently, I have the opportunity to learn more about Waldorf education. I can only say that it seems like such a wondrous way to raise a child. I have been doing a good bit of research and while I can't exactly walk out on my financial responsibilities by quitting my job, I am hopeful that I can incorporate some of these themes and traditions into my household.

This week, Taj and I will begin to build our nature table. An old coffee table (just his size) will start us off and I plan on using the rest of the summer to fill our table with fun elements from the world around us. Here are some great examples of nature tables I am using for inspiration.

Raising Little Shoots - Nature Table

Blue Bird Baby Nature Table

Uncommon Grace

Are you interested in learning more about Waldorf inspired activites?
Check out these titles:

Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents
You Are Your Child's First Teacher
The Creative Family