Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - Homemade Forms of Fun

1. Cupcakes - with cotton candy on top.
2. Scrapbooking
3. Building a felt playhouse for my son
4. Sewing ..
5. Redecorating this house so its my own.
6. Photographing everything
7.  Blogging :)
8. Cardboard box fun
9. Writing that business plan Ive been talking about
10. Delicious bread making.

Where did it go?

How did that little guy grow so quickly. Celebrating my son's birthday this past weekend was bittersweet. As much as I love to see Taj grow into a booming being of curiosity, I am deeply saddened that his infancy is over. I look at him today with tear filled eyes knowing that soon enough I will be asking- where did those five years go? I don't intend to make this post purely about my son, even though it is so easy to do, but looking at my one year old - I am reminded of what I need for my life before five years escapes me.

I had the opportunity to talk with a handful of students today about reducing stress. Awww. a novel idea - reducing stress. We started the hour with a life wheel exercise which helps one become aware of the areas in life that need more attention. For me, my wheel was unbalanced. Where was I lacking? Fun and Spirituality. This year, I will restore fun. I will find a way to communicate with the God I talked to all the time as a child....
Saying so and doing so are much different, here's hoping the doing is easy.

Happy Days