Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Forgive me Father for I have sinned...

and forgotten how to blog.

So here it is, a long overdue update.  Life has been chaotic. Happy. Sad. Heavy. Lite.

Over the past few weeks, it seems that we have be flying around like two sparrows in a hurricane. Taj Kumar has morphed into a little boy and this weekend I spent a short time grieving the loss of my "baby". On May 12, he turned 15 mos and after months of hesitation we decided to finally wean the kid from his bottle. I was prepared for the worst. Apparently, I don't know my child very well. After a brief tantrum and puzzled look, he proceded with life as usual sans bottle.

Winter has been hard on the wee one. On average, Taj was sick every 4 weeks through the cold and flu season. We are ready for spring dammit! And she was supposed to be here a while ago. You wouldn't know it today in southwest Indiana. It is chilly again and I am wearing a fleece pull over today at work. I have some big plans for us. I have sunflower seeds to plant and plans for more vegetables. An amazingly aggressive crop of weeds in my flower bed as well. I guess we will get to those eventually.

Taj has decided to approach his next physical milestone with the same form as all of the earlier milestones. Much like his Momma, he has a "wait to the last minute" mantra. This weekend he took his first solo steps but seems hell bent on training to break some world record for speed crawling. He has also taken to the art of throwing his head up and down like a raging bull while crawling... its entertaining to say the least. I anticipate he will walk like a champ in the next four weeks, but I am not rushing him... Life is one overcrowded 5k and I have never been a runner.

This week I got some sad news about a very dear family member who has been diagnosed with cancer in several areas of his body. Certainly I am sad for him. God's great puzzle seems even more complex when I hear news such as this. Since I got the news, I have a new anxiety to obsess about... praying. There is a litany of research and literature that supports the theory of the power of prayer. However, I feel like I have forgotten how to do it. I close my eyes usually before bed and begin some sort of dialogue that starts with "I know you haven't heard from me in a while but...." I am pretty sure its not supposed to start out that way. Soon enough, my mind becomes too crowded and distracted and I lose my focus. Will someone please remind me how to pray!!!! I need some suggestions. There has got to be some treatment for the prayer ADD that I am currently experiencing...

Also, can someone please remind how to forgive? Thats' not working out for me too well either.

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Designs by Jenai said...

Always good to you post something on your blog. I admit I have let my blogging slide and can't remember when I last posted anything. So sad.

Hugs to you and the family and my prayers go out to your friend.