Thursday, March 01, 2012

All good things are wild and free. You may have heard that I gave up Facebook for Lent. Yes, I have gone totally roque. It has been a productive but a somewhat boring week or so. So far, what I miss the most is the quick ease in sharing great things with the world. Below you will see a few pictures of my wild little one. So hard to believe my little one is TWO!

I mentioned that in addition to the "giving up" of something, I also wanted to use my time to be more creative and productive at home. So far, I have enjoyed some quiet nights of reading and reflection. It has been great. I picked up this title from Amazon and while I started it about 5 days late into the season, so far I am pleased. It has some great meditations and practices for the Lenten season that focus on simplicity of life and humility.  So far so good. I have been letting go of many items in order to become more "free" this season. Today I cleaned out my junkiest desk drawer and tonight I will be cleaning a dirty corner. It is a fairly easy process to let go of those things that are really of no great importance to me any longer. It is, however, proving difficult to let go of those things in my mind and heart that are of no great importance. I guess that will be my ultimate challenge.

How do you let go?

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